Exam Agreement

I understand that NMSCB reserves the right to refuse admission to any NMSCB examinations to me if I do not have the proper application form and appropriate fees. If I am refused admission for any reason or fail to take the examinations, I will receive no refund of fees and there will be no credit for future examinations.

I understand that the online exam is a timed electronic examination and the practical examination site will have two examiners to evaluate core competencies.


I understand that I may only seek admission to take the NMSCB examinations for the purpose of seeking NMSCB certification, and for no other purpose. Because of the confidential nature of the NMSCB examination, I will not take any examination materials from the test site, reproduce the examination materials, or transmit the examination questions or answers in any form to any other person.


I understand that I may be dismissed from the examination and that my test score may be cancelled for any of the following reasons: (1) failing to present a valid NMSCB Application for Testing (2) using unauthorized aids; (3) failing to follow test directions or procedures; (4) creating a disturbance; (5) giving or receiving help on the examination; (6) impersonating another candidate. I agree that if I am dismissed from the examination or my test score is cancelled because of such violation, I will receive no refund of the application or examination fees and there will be no credit for any future examination.


I understand that if I fail the Online Exam (electronic examination), I will have the possibility to retake it as many times as necessary for a maximum of one year from the date of notification of eligibility as long as I pay the applicable fee. I also understand that if I fail the Practical Examination that I may retake it within one year from the original examination during the specified dates for that year.

If I fail the Practical Examination a second time, I will be required to redo both the Competency Training and the Online Test (electronic examination) and Practical test and pay all applicable fees. There will be a time limit of one year for each of these steps at specified testing times. A failure to become certified after repeating the process will require that I start over and reapply to qualify for certification; all applicable fees and documentation at each step of the process will be required.

I agree to resolve any disagreements I have in regard to the examination through NMSCB’s own internal processes, and release NMSCB from legal liability with respect to the examination. I agree that with respect to the online examination (electronic examination) portion of the certification process that my only permissible challenge is a challenge to the accuracy of the computation of the scores and to request that the examination be re-scored.

I understand that the Practical Exam portion of the certification process will be scored by at least two evaluators and agree that my only permissible challenge will be to request a new Practical Exam.

I waive all further claims of examination review and agree to indemnify and hold harmless NMSCB Representatives for any action taken pursuant to the rules and standards of NMSCB with regard to this application, the NMSCB Practical Exam, the Online Examination(s) and/or certification. All documents submitted are the property of NMSCB and will not be returned.