Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Meditation Specialist?

A person who is competent in the science, theory and philosophy as well as the practice of systematic meditation – bringing mindfulness into focus.  One who can serve as a leader in the field of evidence-based meditation and it’s practices from a stress-reduction model.

What type of meditation does the Center for Meditation Science teach?

The program teaches Evidence-based Meditation which is based on a five-step systematic practice of bringing mindfulness into focus.

What is the purpose of national certification?

  • Establishes minimum knowledge and competency standards for Meditation as a practice,
  • Assures the public that the certified meditation specialist has completed all eligibility requirements to earn a credential verifying he/she has achieved the level of knowledge and competency required for practice of meditation as a therapy, and
  • Recognizes those practitioners who have met those standards.

What does certification in meditation mean?

Certification is the process that a non-governmental authority uses to grant recognition to an individual who has met specified qualifications and competencies in a defined area of practice. Based on predetermined standards of professional practice, a meditation specialist validates her/his qualifications and specialized clinical knowledge for practice by seeking the credential conferred by such an authority.

Certification is a voluntary process and should not be confused with a legal professional license. The National Meditation Specialist Certification Board (NMSCB) is responsible for the Certification Processes of Meditation Specialists.

Why Does Certification Matter?

  • NMS board certified specialists have met strong professional development standards.
  • NMS certification exams are a fair and accurate measure of professional competency.
  • NMS certification is now becoming accepted by governing boards, insurers, and the military.
  • NMS board certified specialists are in the greatest demand and command the highest salaries.

The NMSB is passionate about helping you on your journey to defining meditation as a complementary therapy!

What does the training consist of to become a board certified meditation specialist?

  1. Complete 300 hour training via online course.
  2. Complete the teacher training retreat.
  3. Pass the online exam with a minimum score of 75%.
  4. Pass the practical exam with a minimum score of 75% on each of the core competencies
  5. Apply for board certification before May of the year seeking certification. See Get Certified link for more information.

What is the exact sequence for getting certified ?

Step 1: Complete 300 hour training as listed under certification criteria.

Step 2: Pass the written online exam with a minimum score of 75% .

Step 3: Schedule your practicum exam and pass with a minimum of 75% on each of the core competencies.

Step 4:  Apply for board certification by filling out the appropriate application  before May of the year seeking certification.

NOTE: Once tests are completed, fill out the appropriate form appropriate for the category that you qualify (MSI, II, III) found under documents.  That means, what level of board certification are you applying for? I, II or III.

Step 5: Mail or send via e-mail the application to 99 Grimms Road, Honesdale, PA  18431 with the correct amount indicated on the form.

You will be notified upon receipt of the application.  Applications are reviewed in May.

Why should I become a Board Certified Meditation Specialist?

Evidenced-based Meditation is now being recognized as a component for healing and overall health.  The need for qualified individuals to teach are in demand. The board certification provides a standardization of competency that is recognized and needed in the current health care system.

What will be the credential of a Meditation Specialist?

The NMSCB offers three Certifications:

Meditation Specialist I (MSI-BC)
Clinical Meditation Specialist II (CMSII-BC)
Advanced Practice Meditation Specialist III (APMSIII-BC).

Why did the NMSC Board decide to provide a national certification process?

The board was created to ensure that there is no partiality among different schools of meditation and to standardize the criteria to establish competency.

How can I get board certified as a Meditation Specialist?

Please visit the Get Certified page to get started.

Why does initial training take over one year?

Students need at least a year to develop a personal practice and learn methodology and application of all practices to be pass the competencies.  We have found that those students new to the process need the extra time to feel integrate the practices before teaching.

If I want to sit for the online examination, what is a good timeline for me to have in mind after the initial webinar training?

We suggest that you take the online written exam within 3 months after the initial webinar. The online exam is available four times per year.   Dates vary from year to year, check the calendar page.

If I want to take the practicum examination, what is a good timeline for me to have in mind?

We suggest that you take the practicum examination upon completion all components of the certification process or the equivalent.   The practicum test option is available 2 times per year.   Dates vary from year to year, check the calendar page.

What can I expect in the practicum exam?

You will be required to demonstrate your knowledge of the subject matter and ability to lead a class or individual integrating all of the core competencies.   An evaluator will ask questions to determine your knowledge base on what purpose the competency has with regard to the practice of meditation.  You are also expected to be able to modify any of the core competencies for a given population that is suggested.  A worksheet will be given prior to testing so that you will be prepared.

How do I prepare for the core competencies?

The 5-day teacher training provides students with the opportunity to experience, teach and review the core competencies.   It is suggested that if you come with little to no experience that you take additional trainings to support your ongoing learning.

I have been trained and teaching for several years, can I sit for the exam and/or take the practicum without taking preliminary training with the Center for Meditation Science?

Yes, there is a reciprocity program where someone with experience and the scientific background can apply to take the exams during the scheduled times.

Download Application Here

What can I use to prepare for Certification?

Retreats, personal practice and online webinars prepare you for the core competencies required to obtain your board certification. However, you need to have an additional 150 hours of practice teaching either in a group or one-on-one before becoming certified.

How long does the Certification process take?

Most students can get certified within one – two years with daily practice and prior training.

Do I have to be a nurse or a health care provider to apply for the Meditation Specialist Certification?

No, however, you must have an interest in the science behind the techniques.  Social workers, physical therapists, yoga and occupational therapists, nutritionists, and teachers from varied backgrounds have successfully completed the course.

What courses can I use to count towards the continuing education requirement to apply for a higher level of certification?

There are many available through the Center for Meditation Science and the Himalayan Institute. Other programs can be used also with prior approval from the certification board.

How long is my certification good for?

Two years from the time of certification.

Does the Center for Meditation Science offer courses on Holistic Health or related topics?

Where do I get my certification from?

The Center for Meditation Science.

How often are the examinations offered?

The online exam is offered four times per year.  We open the online exam for two weeks each quarter.  The practicum is offered 2 times per year.Exam Dates

To take any of the exams you must download and complete a Test Application form found on the Documents Page.

When ready to take the online or practicum test when and where can I take it?

Dates are posted Here. An application must be filled out and received 30 days prior to the exam.  Download application here.

How do I pay for the online test?

After you fill out the Test application and send it back via e-mail or snail mail (Center for Meditation Science, 99 Grimms Road, Honesdale Pa 18431), you will receive a link for the online test when it becomes available during the 2 week window.  You will click the link that is sent to you and register and pay at the site for the online portion of the test. Do not send money for the online test. It is electronic and the funds go directly to where you are registering.  The only funds that come to the Center for Meditation Science are those for the oral practicum testing that occurs twice per year.

How do I pay for the practicum test?

Fill out the Practical Test application and send payment and form electronically or via a check for $225 along with the application to the Center for Meditation Science, 99 Grimms Road, Honesdale Pa 18431  (Indicate on the form what date that you would like to take each portion of the board certification exams)

Do I have to take both exams at once?

No, you can take one or the other or both. They are offered at different times.  The online portion is open 4 times a year and the practicum 2 times per year.

If I register for the written examination and I am unable to take it what are my options?

You have 2 weeks to complete the exam. Your registration will expire after the 2 weeks and monies will be non-refundable.

When can I use the title "meditation specialist" ?

We use “specialist” to imply that you have the skill and experience to design and implement meditation in any clinical setting.  Therefore, we use board certified meditation specialist from the Center for Meditation Science to only be used when a student passes both exams which require that there is expertise in the field.  Our directory listing shows those individuals who are board certified.  Organizations use this directory to see those individuals using the term meditation specialist to see if they are authentically trained and certified.  One can only use board certified through the Dr. Susan Taylor and the Center only after achieving board certification not after completing coursework.

The Meditation Specialist ™ Competency Training, provides the art and science of meditation, as well as the technology behind it, in order to offer the most comprehensive training currently available.

If I complete the application process, when will it be reviewed?

At this time the board is reviewing applications in May.

Can a person be certfied as a Meditation Specialist I, II, III at the same time?

No, once someone has reached the next level, they no longer use the prior credential.

If I have questions concerning the test administration, whom should I contact?

The Center for Meditation Science