NMSCB Announces Board Certification Credential

Honesdale, PA – The National Meditation Certification Board announced today a 12-month plan that will improve the quality and usefulness of all of its products and communications including a new certification credential, new technology, and improved tools and support. The organization is completely revamping all areas of operation to ensure that the support is in place to elevate standards for the profession.

“Every point where NMSCB and the profession intersect will be significantly upgraded—from improved credentials and school outreach to improved review of instructors and technology,” said George Goldstone, Director.  “All of these changes are designed to enhance the ability of therapists interested in excelling in their profession to reach their potential.”

With the popularity of meditation going mainstream it is at an interesting crossroads. There are teachers practicing under stringent standards similar to other health care providers, and then there is less than substantial programs.  Taylor believes the best way to establish greater credibility for teachers is by raising standards above status quo. Over the course of the next 12 months, NMSCB will launch the following:

  • Board Certification Credential
  • Online Directory of Board Certified Specialists
  • Continuing Education program
  • Online Education Resource

With the higher standards for certification, and the new Board Certification credential, the training will soon followed by the development of specialty exams, that will provide a pathway for career success.

An important aspect of the meditation specialist profession is quality continuing education courses to help therapists keep their skills sharp and learn new techniques to further develop their careers.