NMSCB Statement Regarding Continuing Education

Honesdale, PA – The National Meditation Specialist Board of Directors is posting a program proposal advocates for an overall minimum level of required continuing education. (March 2012)

NMSCB, wholeheartedly advocates for professional development through quality lifelong learning. It has always been our practice to require continuing education as part of the recertification process. It demonstrates a commitment to further development of necessary knowledge and skills to practice safely, competently and effectively. To be effective, continuing education, at a certification level, it must include training beyond the minimum skill set advocated in the training.

To that end, our new Continuing Education requirement is being designed on feedback from leaders in the profession. The program will specifically review the qualifications of all instructors and course content to ensure that continuing education is held to increasing standards and that it is provided by qualified instructors who have the background, training and expertise to provide attendees a valuable learning experience. This program design offers many opportunities for collaboration within the holistic health community to assure that the needs of the profession are met.   The Center for Meditation Science will provide an online library of courses to support the continuing education criteria.