MSI-BC Meditation Specialist Renewal

Use this form to Renew your MSI-BC Meditation Specialist Board Certification. To renew other levels, use the appropriate link for your level.


    Payment is required before submitting the application. Applicants must visit the Payment Page and pay for the appropriate application. The Transaction ID and Payment Date from the PayPal receipt are required to complete the application.

    To ensure that the application is complete, please use the checklist below. An incomplete application will not be processed and will result in a forfeiture of application fees.

    Use the section tabs or next button to complete all of the required information.

    Review and double-check all your information before clicking/tapping the submit button in the final step which will submit the application for processing.

    Payment Information

    Visit the Payment Page and complete the payment for the appropriate application fee before completing the application. You will need the Transaction ID and Payment Date that you'll receive on your receipt from PayPal.


    I am renewing MSI-BC Board Certification.

    Other Information You Will Need:

    Meditation Specialist Class Info
    Applicant Contact Information

    List CE courses that meet the meet renewal criteria.

    In order to renew your Meditation Specialist National Board Certification it is required that you meet the established criteria in continuing education. You will need to submit the your completed application by April 30th for certification renewal as well as the renewal fee for the two-year period.

    The continuing education criteria for renewal of your certification can be found here. Credit will be allowed for alternative activities such as publishing and curriculum development. If you are interested in learning more about these alternative equivalent hours for the continuing education requirement please email us at [email protected]

    Continuing Education Log


    I have continued to teach a minimum of 75 Hours of the Core Competencies


    In order to renew your Meditation Specialist National Board Certification it is required that you participate in a minimum of 3 conference calls over the two year period.

    Conference Calls
    1. Phone number/s you called from
    2. Date of Conference Call

    Please double check all your information before submitting the form.

    Once you click/tap on the submit button it will submit the form for processing.

  • Enter your full name as you would like it to appear on your Certificate
  • I have read and agree with the Code of Professional Standards
    I have read and agree with the Certification/Renewal Agreement.
    I hereby apply for Certification as a Board Meditation Specialist by NMSCB.