Kathleen Lubanski – Advanced Practice Meditation Specialist

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The National Meditation Specialist Certification Board is pleased to announce Kathleen Lubanski as an Advanced Practice Meditation Specialist, Board Certified. Kathleen joined in 2010 and became a board member in 2014. She is also a certified as adult-gerontological primary care nurse practitioner as well. For the past 5 years, Kathleen has taught stress reduction techniques at a hospital-based wellness center to the community, employees, and patients. She is serious and inquisitive about her personal meditation practice. She has studied various styles throughout the country including; Chopra, Satorelli, Yogananda, and Zinn. In a recent interview she says, “I admit it was not an easy road, however I would not go back. I’ve learned that occasional ‘bumps in the road’ can create opportunities for self-discovery and personal growth. I like to believe I have come full circle from when I started in 2008. Now I have a greater awareness and appreciation of what yoga meditation has to offer. It is my pleasure to be of service to the Board.”  Congratulations Kathleen.